Valvoline Nitro Shot Fuel Treatment

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Valvoline's Nitro-Shot Ultra Concentrated Fuel Treatment contains synthetic cleaners to remove deposits from intake valves, fuel injectors, ports and carburetors. Dirty carbon build-up clogs a vehicle’s injectors making performance sluggish and weak. Valvoline Nitro-Shot Ultra Concentrated Fuel Treatment cleans the toughest power robbing carbon deposits to restore lost horsepower and performance. It eliminates hard starts, smoothes rough idle, improves acceleration and reduces harmful emissions caused by deposits. Safe for catalytic converters, oxygen sensors and contains no alcohol. One 5.25 ounce bottle treats up to 20 gallons of gasoline. Valvoline's Nitro-Shot Ultra Concentrated Fuel Treatment counteracts the negative effects of ethanol in gasoline and helps save gas by keeping injectors clean.

• Maximizes power and fuel economy in one treatment
• Helps prevent future deposit build-up
• Eliminates the need for higher octane gasoline
• Removes moisture and improves quality of fuel in your tank

When to Use: 

To insure good mixing, add entire contents to fuel tank prior to fill up. 5.25 ounces treats up to 20 gallons. To help maintain peak performance of your vehicle use every 3,000 miles.


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